A poem about OCD


We have the pleasure of posting this poem on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) by one of our lovely clients – Sylvie, aged 11.


When I am anxious my whole body changes shape

My knuckles turn white as I bite my jagged nails and my cheeks tend to deflate.

My heart starts racing fast

Cause OCD has come at last

Tears start to appear on my face

OCD makes me feel in disgrace.

I feel bad,

I feel mad,

I feel sad.

OCD charges into my mind with weapons I feel I can’t defeat

But I will use my shield the coping cards to comfort and protect me on my way

I will use my hammer the breathing exercises so I don’t go astray

I will use my poem for mum as a sword so I know I love her lots

And I will defeat you OCD go on flee for you have already lost.


Thank you, Sylvie, for such a an honest and creative way to explain how you feel. We wish you all the best! The Team x



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