World Mental Health Day 2016 – “Dignity in Mental Health – Psychological and Mental Health First Aid for All”

The aim of this year’s World Mental Health Day is for everyone to be able to provide aid to those who may be in psychological and mental distress in the same way as they may be able to help someone … Continued

Psychological Assessment in Your Personal Injury Cases

The definition of personal injury extends beyond the actual physical damage encompassing the impact of the injury on day-to-day functioning and future prospects, and on the psychological and emotional effects of the injury. Psychological injury, within the context of personal … Continued

Dealing with “Baby Blues” & Postnatal Depression: the dark side of becoming a mother

You’ve wanted this, planned it, pictured it, but now that it’s here – well, you’re not so sure. You were expecting perfection, but what you feel is completely different. In fact, you feel you’re drowning! Your baby is perfect in … Continued